$FANTY is Way Cuter Than Shiba

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Fanty is Way Cuter Than Shiba

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PLEASE NOTE: Individuals located in or are citizens/residents of the United States, North Korea, Iran, Venezuela or any other jurisdiction in which individuals are prohibited from or where the jurisdiction has unknown/vague laws and regulations on individuals using the services to be provided by Fanty (the “Services”), including but not limited to, the the distribution of cryptocurrencies to dispersed wallets (“Airdrops”) are not permitted to participate or use the Services or to participate in Airdrops. Fanty will always comply with local laws and regulations. Additionally, Fanty is not responsible for an individual or other organization’s actions regarding the Services or any Airdrops.

Contract Address: 0x1E71834F7f1d17a62C960506c71A169999E04C86
Contract Address: 0x1E71834F7f1d17a62C960506c71A169999E04C86